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Twitter Users Face Access Issues Amid Global Outage Buzz: Micro-Blogging Platform Encounters Challenges.




Users of Twitter from various nations reported having trouble accessing the micro-blogging network amid rumours of a widespread outage.

Many users have mentioned that they get the error message “cannot retrieve tweets” while trying to see or publish a tweet. Additionally, when users reload the “For You” tab, they are informed that the “rate limit” has been reached.

Nearly 4,000 reports of problems with Twitter have been registered by the outage tracking website “Down Detector.”

Elon Musk
Twitterati claimed that they kept getting the “Cannot retrieve tweets” error when attempting to see or post a tweet.
However, a small number of people globally were affected by the aforementioned downtime.

According to Downdetector, the top three most frequently reported issues were 40% on the website, 15% on the feed, and 45% on the app.

Twitter hasn’t yet acknowledged the downtime, though.

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Threads Introduces Mobile Profile Switching Feature





Using several accounts simultaneously without signing out has finally been made possible by Threads.

By holding down long-press on the profile symbol in the lower right corner of the social networking app owned by Meta, users may now switch accounts on their mobile devices. In order to add a new profile, users can hit the “Add profile” option after performing a long press.

User switching between their personal and professional profiles is now simpler thanks to this. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, did not say how many accounts may be added to the function that allows users to move between profiles.

It’s interesting to note that Facebook’s decision to allow users to have several personal accounts on the Blue app coincided with the announcement of the text-based social networking app’s profile feature.

Thread App

Threads is still going strong more than three months after its debut by introducing new features. It began testing full-text search tools in Australia and New Zealand at the end of last month. The business globalised the search feature earlier this month.

Additionally, Threads released features in September including the option to quote online postings and the ability to enable alerts for a specific post for 24 hours.

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Competitors of Threads in the social networking space are also releasing features. Version 4.2 of Mastodon was released earlier this week and includes improvements to the search for profiles and posts, automated quick action recommendations in the search box, a redesigned web interface with clearer thread indicators and article previews, as well as a new Privacy and Reach settings area.

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Windows 11 23h2 Introduces generative AI to your PC





On September 26th, Microsoft will deliver Windows 11 23h2, the most significant upgrade to Windows 11. The new AI-powered Windows Copilot function, a revamped File Explorer, a new Ink Anywhere tool for pen users, significant updates to the Paint programme, and much more will all be included in the update.

On September 26th, Microsoft will release Windows 11 23H2, bringing a slew of new features and improvements. Your PC is expected to experience a number of interesting improvements thanks to this widely awaited update. The AI-powered Windows Copilot is one of these, and it will revolutionise how you interact with your computer.

Windows 11 23h2 brings Windows Copilot

 The highlight of the Windows 11 23H2 release is Windows  Copilot. It takes the stage, enhancing the simplicity and realism of your PC experience. Just picture having a helpful helper at your fingertips. Copilot adds it to the table.

Within Windows 11, this feature appears as a helpful sidebar that may help you with a variety of activities. Copilot can help you with configuration changes, app launches, and general question-answering. You can navigate around Outlook, create text messages using information from your calendar, and do much more since it smoothly integrates with the operating system.

After the Cortana app was discontinued, this is Microsoft’s most recent attempt to include a digital assistant inside of Windows. While accuracy may vary, Copilot, powered by Bing Chat technology, provides accurate responses to your questions. It’s a promising move in the direction of giving your PC greater intelligence and responsiveness.

Revamped file explorer for a modern look

There is something in this upgrade for everyone, even if AI helpers aren’t your thing. The dependable tool for managing your files, File Explorer, is getting a facelift. The revamped user design has a contemporary home screen with sizable file thumbnails and a user-friendly carousel layout. With this redesign, File Explorer now more closely matches the visual style of Windows 11.

Ink Anywhere

There is a revolutionary feature called Ink Anywhere for those using styluses like the Surface Pen. Now, you can make notes in any text box on Windows by scribbling in it or drawing doodles. Your writing is automatically transformed to text and included into your projects.

Hassle-free PC migration with Windows backup

The process of changing devices has never been simpler. The process is made easier by an updated version of Windows Backup. Your settings are instantly transferred via the cloud to your new PC. Microsoft Store applications and pinned programmes on your Start menu and taskbar are seamlessly restored.

Snipping Tool gets a text upgrade

By adding the ability to recognise text in screenshots, Snipping Tool gets a much-needed boost. Text from your screenshots may be easily shared in a variety of apps. It reminds me of the text extraction functionality available on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. In order to improve privacy and security, Microsoft has created a function that allows users to redact and conceal emails and phone numbers from photos.

Background blur and more in the Photos App

Users of the Photos app now have a new background blur option that injects some originality into their images. It recognises the backdrop in an image automatically, emphasising the foreground and obscuring the background. You are free to choose the blur strength and the blurred region selection.


When and What to Expect

Here is everything you should know as the release date draws near:

Release Date: A larger release of Windows 11 23H2 is anticipated to begin on or around September 26 in preview mode.

Name: It had previously been known as the Windows 11 October 2023 Update.

Pricing: The update will be free to download, with the only little feature being that it is only available to Windows 11 Pro customers.

Installation Time: Depending on your system and Microsoft’s update programme, installing Windows 11 23H2 and rebooting your computer may take 20 minutes to an hour. Downloading Windows 11 23H2 can happen in the background.

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Microsoft Surface Event: How to Tune In and What to Expect from Upcoming Launches




Microsoft Surface Event 2023

Today, Microsoft will have its Surface Event in New York City, during which several new items are anticipated to be released. The tech giant may also present some of the new AI capabilities coming to Windows 11. 

When will the Surface Event take place

On September 21, the Surface occasion is booked to start in New York City at 7 AM PST or 7:30 PM (India time), and a video of the occasion will be made accessible online at 10:30 PM (India time) on the Microsoft occasion site. Microsoft’s Chief Satya Nadella is likewise expected to go to the occasion, which will be the organization’s most memorable Surface occasion held face to face since the plague started.

Microsoft Surface Event 2023

What to expect from the Surface event

AI Features to Windows 11: 

The Windows 11 upgrade, code-named 23H2, which might include Windows Copilot, an AI-powered personal assistant, is anticipated to be released by Microsoft. By the end of September, the new update—which is presently being tested by Windows Insiders—is anticipated to be available. 

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has already lined up several third-party developers, like Adobe, Mem, and Spotify, who will enable third-party plugins for Windows Copilot. 

New Surface devices: 

A new version of the Surace Laptop Studio from Microsoft is anticipated to be unveiled. It will incorporate an Intel thirteenth era processor, a Nvidia RTX 4060 illustrations card, and 64 GB of DDR5 SDRAM. The Surface PC Studio 2 will, as per a case by The Edge, have a plan that is indistinguishable from the main model, with a showcase that slides forward to change over the PC into a tablet.

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The Surface Go 4, which could be fueled by an Intel N200 chip, is one more thing that is expected to be disclosed during the occasion today, as per Windows Focal. According to the source, Microsoft has also changed the new Surface Go’s internal organization to make it easier to fix.

Source: ANI

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