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India can become USD 6.7 trillion economy by 2031

Indian Economy

According to research and analytics company Standard & Poor Global, India’s economy would expand by 6.7% annually starting in 2023–2024 and reach a value of $6.7 trillion by 2030–2031.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India in 2022–2023 was $3.4 trillion.

The rating agency also stated that an increase in the nation’s per capita income from $2,500 to approximately $4,500 is anticipated.

The research was made public on the same day that Morgan Stanley, a different agency, moved India to the “overweight” category, giving it the highest ranking among India’s emerging markets.

“We anticipate India’s GDP to rise by 6.7% (on average) between fiscal years 2024 and 2031, rising from fiscal year 2023’s GDP of USD 3.4 trillion to USD 6.7 trillion.

In a research titled “Look Forward: India’s Money,” S&P Global predicted that per capita GDP will increase to roughly USD 4,500.

The agency did, however, issue a warning that the current fiscal year’s growth could be slowed to 6% due to a global slowdown and the lingering effects of an RBI policy rate hike.

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According to the report , capital accumulation will steer India’s economy in the desired direction as a result of public and increasingly private sector investments in manufacturing and infrastructure.


“You will see growth peak at around fiscal 2025-26,” predicted Dharmakirti Joshi, chief economist at Crisil and a member of the team that created the research.

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Unlocking the Revenue Streams: How IPL Franchises Earn Money and Sustain Financial Success


Unlocking the Revenue Streams: How IPL Franchises Earn Money and Sustain Financial Success

India is a great fan of cricket, and the Indian Premier League, or IPL, is the biggest cricket event held here. In this league, teams from various cities play against one another. But managing these teams isn’t cheap; they require funding for numerous expenses. So let’s investigate the sources of funding for these teams.

The league is definitely entertaining, but it’s much more than just the action that happens on the field. The commercial concept of the IPL is one of its intriguing features. Its main goals are to sell the game, bring together gamers from other nations, draw in new followers, and increase advertising revenue.

Understanding IPL

Teams from Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and different urban areas compete with each other in the yearly Indian Premeire League(IPL) cricket rivalry. Noticeable competitors from India and different countries partake in this league.The rivalry gives a unique stage on which cricket players’ outstanding ability and abilities are introduced in a connecting with way. The Indian Premeire League (IPL), which includes a diverse mix of local and foreign celebrities,, has become very famous on the grounds that to its energizing matches, diversion worth, and opportunity for exceptional ability to feature their abilities on an overall scale.

Business model of Indian Premeire League

The distinctive fusion of cricket, entertainment, and marketing tactics is the foundation of the IPL business model. The league uses a franchise format, with ten teams from various Indian cities playing against one another. The franchisees use a revenue-sharing concept and are privately held businesses. The league makes money from a number of sources, including player endorsements, auctions, sponsorship agreements, sales of products, and TV rights.

Revenue Streams for Franchises

1.  TV and Streaming Rights : TV networks and internet platforms provide a significant portion of the revenue for IPL teams. The IPL’s governing body receives large payments from these channels in exchange for the privilege to telecast the matches. The teams then split up this revenue. Hence, the teams make money each time you watch an IPL match on TV or online.

2.  Prize Money : Money is given to teams according on how well they do in the league. The more money they receive at the conclusion of the competition, the higher their rank. For instance, the IPL winning team receives a larger payout than the other teams.

3.  Ticket Sales : Matches are held in big stadiums, and fans buy tickets to watch these games live. This is another significant source of income. Teams earn quite a bit by selling these tickets, especially during high-profile matches.


4.  Sponsorships : There’s a chance you’ve spotted player shirt logos. They are the sponsors. Businesses give teams large sums of money in exchange for having their logos placed on player apparel, the stadium, and occasionally even the club name. We refer to this as sponsorship. It resembles a commercial for the business.

5.  Merchandise Sales : In addition to tickets, supporters like purchasing team jerseys, hats, mugs, and other merchandise. The colors and logo of the team are on all of these things. The teams get an additional revenue stream when supporters purchase this merchandise.

6.Player Endorsements: Some of the most well-known athletes in India are those that compete in the IPL. Brands are very keen to work with them for endorsements. By arranging for their players to have endorsements, the teams can profit. The endorsement fee increases with the player’s popularity, which means the teams will profit more.

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IPL teams can make money in a variety of ways. They receive revenue from the sale of team products to supporters, TV rights, ticket sales, company sponsorships, and awards for winning matches. With all of this money, they are able to maintain the team’s excellence and provide us with a thrilling IPL each year by covering the costs of players, coaches, and other expenses.

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IPL 2024 Tickets: Availability, Release Date, and All You Need to Know for Online Purchase


IPL 2024 Tickets: Availability, Release Date, and All You Need to Know for Online Purchase

The most well known domestic cricket league in India is back for one more exciting year. The schedule for the seventeenth time of the Indian Premeire League, or IPL 2024, has been delivered by the BCCI. The Chennai Super Kingss (CSK), captained by the most created skipper in cricket history, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, brought back their fifth title win, covering off the 2023 association season with a bang. Accordingly, CSK and MI (Mumbai Indians) were equivalent for the most titles won.

Fans may anticipate amazing performances by their favorite teams and players as well as nail-biting battles. you guarantee your place at the stadium for this much awaited event, please sure you get your tickets online in advance.

TATA IPL 2024 Tickets

TheTata IPL 2024 ticket valuing range has not yet been declared. When we find any solid data, we’ll tell you. The expense regularly differs concurring on the area, ubiquity of the game, and seating classification, from a couple hundred to a few thousand rupees.

Walk is the point at which figured tickets for the 2024 Indian Premeire League will go on special. The BCCI generally dispatches ticket deals one month preceding the IPL to make a feeling of energy and assumption among fans.

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How to Book tickets online?

We can’t at present offer an intensive how-to direct for buying tickets in light of the fact that the ticket deals window has not yet started. Be that as it may, fans can save their seats by visiting the authority IPL site or approved tagging administrations, as BookMyShow or Paytm Insider, when the tickets go discounted. For a problem free reserving experience, it is encouraged to stay aware of true declarations and stick to the given measures. When we have data in regards to when the IPL ticket deals will start, we will refresh this page with a complete aide.

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PM Modi Unveils ₹41,000 Crore Investment in 2,000 Railway Projects

railway projects

PM Modi Unveils ₹41,000 Crore Investment in 2,000 Railway Projects

On Monday, over 2,000 railway infrastructure projects valued at around ₹41,000 crore were launched, the foundation stone was laid, and the projects were dedicated to the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking at the occasion, Modi described it as a representation of the “New India” work culture. The program for today represents the work ethic of New India. India is currently operating on an unparalleled scale and at an unprecedented speed. India has gone past having modest goals and toward dreaming big and achieving those goals as soon as possible, according to Modi. He continued, expressing confidence in his ability to serve a third term in office.

“Today marks the official opening and laying of the cornerstone for almost two thousand railway-related projects. As of this moment, this government’s third term will begin in June. Everyone is astonished by the scope and speed of the work that has begun,” he remarked.
Under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, Modi laid the groundwork for the reconstruction of 553 railway stations. In his video message, Modi noted that while his administration will start a third term in June, the scope and style of its work have taken many by surprise. He also mentioned the recent announcement of several development projects.

Modi highlighted the changes in the railroads, such as the introduction of Vande Bharat trains, an emphasis on cleanliness, and the electrification of tracks, saying that people had witnessed the construction of a new India over the past ten years. The prime minister took a jab at earlier administrations by claiming that under his watch, public funds were no longer plundered and that all profits were allocated to enhancing railway services. He claimed that although the Indian Railways was once a victim of politics, it is now the primary factor facilitating travel and has created a significant number of jobs.

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Modi issued a warning, stating that if money leaks as a result of fraud, the budget rise brought on by the nation’s expanding economy will have no effect locally. He said that local artists and culture are being promoted through the use of renovated train stops. The prime minister stated that although the national transporter is today a major driver of transformation, the financial losses of the railways were formerly a regular theme. “I want to convey to young people that my resolve is their dream. Viksit Bharat is guaranteed by your aspirations, your diligence, and my determination,” he declared. Joining the nationwide event were hundreds of MPs and MLAs, as well as several governors and chief ministers.

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