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Delhi Liquor Policy Scam: CBI Court to Hear Sisodia’s Bail Request Today, One Day After ED Arrest

Manish Sisodia, a former deputy chief minister of Delhi and current leader of the AAP, will appear before a CBI court on Friday for a bail hearing. After his second session of questioning at Tihar Prison on Thursday in connection with the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) money laundering investigation into alleged anomalies in the Delhi Excise Policy, Sisodia was taken into custody by the ED.

In order to hear his bail request, the former minister will be brought before special CBI judge M K Nagpal on Friday, over two weeks after his detention in connection with the Delhi excise scandal.

Nagpal, who took custody of Sisodia on March 6, gave the CBI until March 10 to respond to the AAP leader’s application.

Sisodia claimed in his application that he joined the inquiry as and when requested by the primary investigative agency. He said that the other suspects detained in this case had previously been granted bail, saying that keeping him in detention would be ineffective given that all recoveries had been made.

According to ED sources, Sisodia was detained after money laundering allegations against him were discovered. He was also allegedly “not cooperative in the investigation” and “evasive” in his responses.


On Friday, Sisodia is set to be brought before a special PMLA court to request his custody for questioning after the ED has secured a production warrant from the court. The ED may demand Sisodia’s detention even if he is granted bail in the CBI case.

If the ED gains custody of him, he would be brought to the headquarters of the organisation in the heart of Delhi for questioning, additional recording of his statement, and confrontation with other accused parties in the excise policy case.


In order to question the politician in jail cell number 1, the ED needed authorization from a local court. The politician was most recently Delhi’s deputy chief minister.


While in custody on Thursday, Sisodia wrote an open letter comparing the “politics of education” to the “politics of jail.
In which she claimed that the BJP had a problem with the former because it “builds nations, not leaders.”

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, shared the letter on Twitter with the following statement:
“BJP does politics of putting people in jail.
We are doing politics of educating children. Sending somebody to prison is simple, but teaching kids is quite challenging.
Education will advance the country, not incarceration. The fact that education politics creates nations rather than leaders is the BJP’s fundamental issue with them.

Kejriwal and Sisodia Criticize BJP’s Politics:

Education politics is not an easy endeavour, and it is certainly not a formula for political success. The future belongs to the politics of education, he wrote, despite the BJP’s current dominance of the politics of prison.

Since the CBI, detained Sisodia on February 26 in connection with allegations of corruption in the implementation.
Than now-cancelled Delhi liquor or excise policy for 2021–2022, Sisodia has been held in judicial custody.

On March 7, Sisodia was subjected to the ED’s initial round of questioning.

Source: News 18

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PM Modi Unveils ₹41,000 Crore Investment in 2,000 Railway Projects

railway projects

PM Modi Unveils ₹41,000 Crore Investment in 2,000 Railway Projects

On Monday, over 2,000 railway infrastructure projects valued at around ₹41,000 crore were launched, the foundation stone was laid, and the projects were dedicated to the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking at the occasion, Modi described it as a representation of the “New India” work culture. The program for today represents the work ethic of New India. India is currently operating on an unparalleled scale and at an unprecedented speed. India has gone past having modest goals and toward dreaming big and achieving those goals as soon as possible, according to Modi. He continued, expressing confidence in his ability to serve a third term in office.

“Today marks the official opening and laying of the cornerstone for almost two thousand railway-related projects. As of this moment, this government’s third term will begin in June. Everyone is astonished by the scope and speed of the work that has begun,” he remarked.
Under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, Modi laid the groundwork for the reconstruction of 553 railway stations. In his video message, Modi noted that while his administration will start a third term in June, the scope and style of its work have taken many by surprise. He also mentioned the recent announcement of several development projects.

Modi highlighted the changes in the railroads, such as the introduction of Vande Bharat trains, an emphasis on cleanliness, and the electrification of tracks, saying that people had witnessed the construction of a new India over the past ten years. The prime minister took a jab at earlier administrations by claiming that under his watch, public funds were no longer plundered and that all profits were allocated to enhancing railway services. He claimed that although the Indian Railways was once a victim of politics, it is now the primary factor facilitating travel and has created a significant number of jobs.

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Modi issued a warning, stating that if money leaks as a result of fraud, the budget rise brought on by the nation’s expanding economy will have no effect locally. He said that local artists and culture are being promoted through the use of renovated train stops. The prime minister stated that although the national transporter is today a major driver of transformation, the financial losses of the railways were formerly a regular theme. “I want to convey to young people that my resolve is their dream. Viksit Bharat is guaranteed by your aspirations, your diligence, and my determination,” he declared. Joining the nationwide event were hundreds of MPs and MLAs, as well as several governors and chief ministers.

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After Repeal of Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Law, What Changes Can be Expected?


After Repeal of Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Law, What Changes Can be Expected?

The Assam Muslim Marriages and Divorces Registration Act, 1935, was authorized for repeal by the Assam Cabinet on Friday. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote on X that the step will help the administration prevent underage weddings in the state. The Assam government revoked the historic Assam Muslim Marriages and Divorces Registration Act on February 23. This act’s provisions allowed for marriage registration even in situations when the bride and husband were younger than the legally required 18 and 21 years old, respectively.

The speaker said, “With this action, Assam’s ban on underage weddings takes a major step closer to reality.” The administration explained its decision to abolish the act by stating that it is not required by law to register marriages or divorces. It further stated that there is a great deal of room for normative non-compliance due to the informal registration apparatus. The Act’s provisions allow intended individuals under the age of 21 for men and 18 for women to remain married, and there is essentially no oversight for its implementation,” the state government stated.

What will change after the implementation of this order?

Currently, Muslim marriages and divorces can be voluntarily registered under the law. Additionally, it gave the government permission to grant Muslim individuals licenses to register these kinds of unions and dissolution. These people won’t be allowed to register marriages and divorces after the law is overturned. After the law is repealed, the 94 Muslim Marriage Registrars’ registration records would be under the district commissioners’ and district registrars’ care, according to the Assam government.

After the Act is repealed, the government will give each Muslim Marriage Registrar ₹2 lakh as a one-time payment towards their rehabilitation. According to Baruah, the Assam government desires that all of these unions be legally recognized through the Special Marriage Act. He added that minor boys’ and girls’ weddings were being registered under the Act.

government’s UCC promise

The creation of the UCC was the main promise that Himanta Biswa Sarma made to the people of Assam upon being named chief minister of the state. He declared earlier this month that polygamy would be illegal in the state. He has often declared that Assam will ratify the Uniform Civil Code, following Gujarat and Uttarakhand as the third states to do so. Earlier this month, the Uttarakhand government approved the Uniform Civil Code bill during its assembly. The measure replaces several religious personal regulations with common laws that apply to people of all religions and govern marriage, divorce, and inheritance.]

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Sarma stated in January that Assam’s UCC law is in line with the bills introduced by Gujarat and Uttarakhand. According to him, the tribe will not be covered by the Uniform Civil Code. In two to three months, he suggested, the UCC measure may be introduced. Tribals are also exempt from the Uttarakhand bill. The exception has been questioned by Muslim organizations. According to Asaduddin Owaisi, the head of AIMIM, the UCC was violating the fundamental rights of the Muslim community.

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Kamal Nath Refers to Rahul Gandhi as ‘Our Leader’, Dismisses BJP Switch Rumors

Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath Refers to Rahul Gandhi as ‘Our Leader’, Dismisses BJP Switch Rumors

Amid the excitement surrounding his recent alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and seasoned Congressman Kamal Nath called on state residents and party employees to join Rahul Gandhi in his ongoing Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, which aims to combat oppression and injustice. Nath complimented Gandhi and said the party workers are eager to greet him after he took to the streets nationwide and vowed to combat injustice head-on. The party veteran added that they will work together to put an end to the second iteration of the Bharat Jodo Yatra against injustice, while also dispelling any rumors that he would be joining the saffron camp.

“The Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi is eagerly anticipated by Madhya Pradesh residents and Congressmen. Taking to the streets nationwide, our leader Shri Rahul Gandhi has vowed to fight back against injustice, tyranny, and exploitation with the utmost determination. I implore the people of Madhya Pradesh and the courageous Congress activists to emulate Rahul Gandhi’s strength and bravery by participating in the Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra in large numbers. In a post on X (previously Twitter), he declared, “Together, you and I will bring this great campaign against injustice to an end.”

All rumors regarding his plan to switch to the BJP have been quashed by his words. In the meantime, several party leaders from the Chhindwara district of MP, a bastion of Nath’s, joined the BJP on Wednesday. There has been conjecture in the political corridors over Kamal Nath and his son’s potential breakup with the Congress. The veteran leader and his son Nakul Nath, according to Congress general secretary Jitendra Singh earlier this week, would take part in the grand old party’s ongoing Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra when it entered the state.

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Leading up to its conclusion in Mumbai on March 20, the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is the second iteration of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, which began in Manipur on January 14. In 2022–2023, the inaugural ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ took place, stretching from Kanyakumari through Kashmir. He further asserted that the media and the BJP were responsible for spreading rumors about the previous chief minister of MP switching allegiance and joining the BJP. According to reports, Kamal Nath was upset that Rahul Gandhi rejected him after the party lost the assembly elections late last year and that he did not receive a seat in the Rajya Sabha.

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