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After Repeal of Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Law, What Changes Can be Expected?


After Repeal of Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Law, What Changes Can be Expected?

The Assam Muslim Marriages and Divorces Registration Act, 1935, was authorized for repeal by the Assam Cabinet on Friday. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma wrote on X that the step will help the administration prevent underage weddings in the state. The Assam government revoked the historic Assam Muslim Marriages and Divorces Registration Act on February 23. This act’s provisions allowed for marriage registration even in situations when the bride and husband were younger than the legally required 18 and 21 years old, respectively.

The speaker said, “With this action, Assam’s ban on underage weddings takes a major step closer to reality.” The administration explained its decision to abolish the act by stating that it is not required by law to register marriages or divorces. It further stated that there is a great deal of room for normative non-compliance due to the informal registration apparatus. The Act’s provisions allow intended individuals under the age of 21 for men and 18 for women to remain married, and there is essentially no oversight for its implementation,” the state government stated.

What will change after the implementation of this order?

Currently, Muslim marriages and divorces can be voluntarily registered under the law. Additionally, it gave the government permission to grant Muslim individuals licenses to register these kinds of unions and dissolution. These people won’t be allowed to register marriages and divorces after the law is overturned. After the law is repealed, the 94 Muslim Marriage Registrars’ registration records would be under the district commissioners’ and district registrars’ care, according to the Assam government.

After the Act is repealed, the government will give each Muslim Marriage Registrar ₹2 lakh as a one-time payment towards their rehabilitation. According to Baruah, the Assam government desires that all of these unions be legally recognized through the Special Marriage Act. He added that minor boys’ and girls’ weddings were being registered under the Act.

government’s UCC promise

The creation of the UCC was the main promise that Himanta Biswa Sarma made to the people of Assam upon being named chief minister of the state. He declared earlier this month that polygamy would be illegal in the state. He has often declared that Assam will ratify the Uniform Civil Code, following Gujarat and Uttarakhand as the third states to do so. Earlier this month, the Uttarakhand government approved the Uniform Civil Code bill during its assembly. The measure replaces several religious personal regulations with common laws that apply to people of all religions and govern marriage, divorce, and inheritance.]

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Sarma stated in January that Assam’s UCC law is in line with the bills introduced by Gujarat and Uttarakhand. According to him, the tribe will not be covered by the Uniform Civil Code. In two to three months, he suggested, the UCC measure may be introduced. Tribals are also exempt from the Uttarakhand bill. The exception has been questioned by Muslim organizations. According to Asaduddin Owaisi, the head of AIMIM, the UCC was violating the fundamental rights of the Muslim community.

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Amit Shah Declares ‘Won’t Allow Manipur to Break Apart’ in Imphal Statement

Amit Shah

Amit Shah Declares ‘Won’t Allow Manipur to Break Apart’ in Imphal Statement

Amit Shah, the union home minister, claimed on Monday that there have been “attempts to alter Manipur’s demography through infiltration” and that forces “trying to break Manipur and those maintaining unity” are running in the Lok Sabha election. At a rally in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, Shah is cited as stating, “The most important thing is that no matter how much one tries,hum Manipur ko tutne nahi denge’ (we won’t allow Manipur to break).”

“The Narendra Modi government’s top priority is establishing peace in Manipur by involving all communities and maintaining the integrity of the state,” the minister declared. “Maybe our (CM) Biren Singh did not say this, but he maintained a strong demand before PM Modi: Manipur cannot stay united without an inner-line permit. This is what I want to tell you today.” The BJP government’s granting of an inner-line permit has fortified Manipur. Shah continued.

On May 3 of last year, when a “Tribal Solidarity March” was held in the hill regions to protest against the Meitei community’s desire for Scheduled Tribe (ST) classification, ethnic confrontations broke out in Manipur, resulting in at least 219 fatalities. Shah declared during the event that “the destiny of the country will change when the northeast and Manipur change.”

PM Modi says’marked improvement’ in the situation in Manipur

In an interview published in an Assamese daily last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the situation in Manipur has “markedly improved.” “I have previously discussed this in Parliament. Our administrative apparatus and greatest resources have been devoted to settling the dispute. The administration of Manipur and the Indian government’s prompt action have resulted in a notable improvement in the state’s circumstances, the prime minister stated.

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PM Modi pledged to alleviate the misery of the Manipur people during an address to Congress last year. “I want the people of Manipur to know that they have the support of India.” The Parliament is supporting you. “Together, we’ll overcome this obstacle,” he had said.

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Election Commission Seizes Record Rs. 4650 Crore Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls, Surpassing 2019 Figures

Election Commission

On Monday, the Election Commission of India (ECI) declared that it is expected to document the “highest ever seizures of inducements” in the history of the Lok Sabha elections. According to a notification from the poll board, enforcement agents had already confiscated a record ₹4,650 crore before the first round of polling started. This was “a significant increase over the ₹3,475 crores seized during the entire Lok Sabha election in 2019.”

As part of a “level playing field,” the Election Commission stated that “the enhanced seizures reflect ECI’s unwavering commitment to monitor inducements and curb electoral malpractices, particularly in favor of smaller and less resourceful parties.” Significantly, opioids and drugs—which are the Commission’s specific focus—account for 45% of the seizures.

The poll body continued, “The seizures have been made possible by thorough planning, increased cooperation and coordinated deterrent action by agencies, proactive public participation, and optimal use of technology. The commission also made statistics on the distribution of inducements that were seized and made available for public consumption by the state. With a seizure of over ₹778 crore, Rajasthan topped the list. Gujarat came in second with ₹605 crore, and Maharashtra came in third with roughly ₹431 crore.

CEC Rajiv Kumar underlines ‘Money Power’ as ‘4M’ challenges

In addition to “money, muscle, misinformation, and Model Code of Conduct violations,” Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajiv Kumar highlighted “money power” as one of the four major challenges when he announced the polls last month. The use of black money, above and beyond political finance and the accurate declaration thereof, may upset the level playing field in favor of a more resourceful party or candidate in particular geographies, according to the commission’s statement from Monday.

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The poll authority claims that the ECI’s resolve to hold fair elections for the Lok Sabha without the use of bribes or other electoral irregularities is largely dependent on the seizures. On April 12, the poll panel, which included Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, Gyanesh Kumar, and CEC Rajiv Kumar, evaluated every Central Observer stationed in Phase 1 of the polls that were set for April 19. Talks centered on strengthening, observing, and verifying to ensure that the election process is free from inducements. According to the poll body’s statement, the increasing seizures show the ECI’s unwavering commitment to keeping an eye on inducements and stopping electoral malpractices to preserve a “level playing field,” which benefits smaller and less resourceful parties in particular.

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PM Modi Spoke to…”: Rajnath Singh Says Russia-Ukraine War ‘Stopped for 4.5 Hrs’ for Indian Student Evacuation

Rajnath Singh

PM Modi Spoke to…”: Rajnath Singh Says Russia-Ukraine War ‘Stopped for 4.5 Hrs’ for Indian Student Evacuation

On Monday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh asserted that the fighting was momentarily stopped to allow for the evacuation of Indian students who were stuck in Ukraine after Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the presidents of Russia and Ukraine. India carried out Operation Ganga in 2022 to save pupils who were stuck. Many thousands of students left Ukraine between the latter week of February and the first week of March, traveling through nearby nations like Romania, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, and Slovakia.

Defense Minister Singh declared, “There is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine” while speaking at an election rally in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir. There were a lot of Indian students enrolled. Russia and Ukraine were firing missiles at each other, killing a great number of people in the process. The presidents of Russia, Ukraine, and America were addressed by our prime minister. The conflict was temporarily stopped to allow for evacuation, according to Singh, and this assisted India in rescuing its citizens. “The conflict ceased for 4.5 hours, and 22,500 of our pupils arrived in India from Ukraine,” the minister of defense continued.

BJP’s repeated claim to woo voters; opposition terms it propaganda

Though the opposition condemns it as propaganda, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) officials have often brought attention to this rescue expedition during their election campaigns in an attempt to garner support. Senior Congressman Rahul Gandhi criticized the assertion that Prime Minister Modi “stopped war” on social media, branding it as the “Papa of Propaganda.”

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What is the government’s official stand?

The minister of external affairs denied the assertion during a regular news briefing. The MEA’s spokesperson at the time, Arindam Bagchi, said, “We got specific inputs that this is a route that is available; we conveyed that to our citizens, and I am happy that many could make it.” “Extrapolating that to say that somebody is holding off bombing or that this is something we were coordinating is inaccurate.”

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